Unsupported Bikepacking Race
From Bayreuth (DE) to the Black Sea.
Start 11 July 2021

Your ultimate challenge as a gravel and mountain biker in Europe!

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The TransOst Challenge 2018 as a film in the “BMN – Biking Movie Night”.



All registrations for 2020 are automatically changed to 2021.

The TransOst Challenge 2020 had to be dropped. Your registration for the TransOst Challenge 2020 has been automatically transfered to the TransOst Challenge 2021. We are looking forward to your participation.

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You would like to

  • have an adventure through six European countries,
  • travel from Bayreuth to the Black Sea in a maximum of five weeks

Schedule 2021

  • July 2020: Registration opens
  • 13 June: Registration deadline for all participants
  • from 11 July: The Challenge takes place
  • approx. 25 July: The first participant reaches the finish

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TransOst Challenge map

“Challenger is the one who faces the challenge”

– Markus Weinberg –

So far we have only had the dream – but never the time. To once ride the whole TransOst from Bayreuth to the Black Sea – in one piece. Now it's time! The "Unsupported Bikepaking Race – TransOst Challenge" starts for the first time on July 1st in Bayreuth, in front of the world-famous Festival Theatre.

Not so long ago, the borders for our adventure were still closed. Now we pass old border paths, bunkers, UNESCO World Cultural Sites, 27 breathtaking small and large mountains, cycle through European primeval forests where shy bears, wolves and lynxes live and catch a glimpse of the legendary Eastern European charm.

On the given TransOst-Route we start on our Gravel- and Mountainbikes from the country of origin of the Danube, up to its estuary in Romania. Not relaxed along the cycle path, but across the long chain of mountain ranges through Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania to the destination of Konstanza on the Black Sea.

Behind the "Unsupported Bikepacking Race" stands the guiding company TransOst, which offers guided, supported and individual mountain bike tours. Especially for the Challenge, will be completed with luggage and also with Gravelbikes, the track has been optimized. Less difficult mountain bike trails, more gravel, forest and forest trails as well as small roads.

The challenge is addressed for riders who love adventure, have an idea of bike-packing, feel comfortable off the beaten track and have a passport for the Ukraine – where almost every kiosk has the best WiFi.

Race Manual

All the information you need for your adventure is in the Race Manual. So read it!

TransOst as a guided bike trip

TransOst provides guided or individual mountainbike trips from Bayreuth via the Ore, Sudety and Carpathian Mountains to the Black Sea as well as in Dresden, Sebnitz and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

Biking Movie Night

The 80-minute feature film "Heading East - Adventure TransOst" from Bayreuth to the Black Sea can currently be seen in the Biking Movie Night. Anyone can present the Biking Movie Night. With your friends, in your club, showroom, in the bike shop or at the cinema. We provide the film - you provide the location.